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The website of Knioch – a company specialising in the manufacturing of metal elements for the medical, catering and automotive industries. Our strengths are an experienced and qualified team as well as state-of-the-art and consistently developed machinery. We guarantee short delivery dates and consulting in the scope of designing optimal solutions for the needs of recipients. The main tasks carried out by our company include sheet metal working, welding and powder coating. We care for the precision of our products and apply the technologies that ensure significant savings to our customers. Metal holds no secrets for us and we can do virtually anything with it. We invite to collaboration with Knioch.

Sheet metal working

We have at our disposal professional machinery adapted to the processing of materials of varied thickness values and dimensions, and to their forming in a desired way. We apply efficient and precise methods, owing to which it is possible to produce repeatable and aesthetically finished goods. The shapes may be either simple, standard or very complex. All projects are conducted in accordance with our customers' specifications.

Sheet metal cutting

This process is carried out using special laser devices and water, which enables us to create sheets of specific dimensions. Some of the great advantages of these methods are their speed, precision and safety. Goods produced this way may be used in various types of manufacturing and assembling plants as well as in workshops. Every project is performed in accordance with the guidelines included in detailed technical drawings.

Laser cutting

This is one of the most popular methods of sheet metal working, which enables to create virtually any shape using materials of varied dimensions. Based on precise specifications, we are able to ensure very accurate reproduction of the guidelines provided by customers. We take care of every detail owing to the application of state-of-the-art and proven technologies. We invite everyone to study all details of our offer.

We provide full plastic processing of sheet metal using specialised CNC machinery, i.e. press brakes, angle bending machines...

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We offer robotised welding using state-of-the-art Japanese robots by OTC-Daihen. The main advantage of robotised welding is the high...

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